Vintage Homegrown Video Titles Released Online

For the first time since their initial release in the early 1980s, the first 50 titles from Homegrown Video are available again, this time on the Internet.


The vintage Homegrown Video titles, some of which date back to 1982, are the essence of Homegrown content and are the epitome of amateur realism, according to Treasure Haines, director of marketing for Homegrown Video.


The titles are available in their entirety and broken down into 120 individual scenes at


"We chose to release them on Memorial Day because we wanted to memorialize these titles and the early content," Haines said.


Haines said the decision to re-release the content was partly driven by numerous customer requests for the early titles. The problem was that much of the early content was done on Beta and VHS, making it difficult and time-consuming to switch everything to a digital format. It took more than 18 months to convert the 50 titles, Haines said.


"It was really challenging, and in some cases, there was 25 years worth of degradation we had to overcome," she said.


Homegrown Video plans to reformat another 600 titles from its library for release on the website, Haines added.


"We will be releasing the titles in chunks, and we plan to release the next ones on Independence Day," she said.


To express interest in applying for private beta testing of Homegrown Video's affiliate program, send email to [email protected].