Video Secrets Offers IM Pop-up Ads to Affiliates

CALABASAS, Calif. -Adult online video chat network Video Secrets announced Friday the addition of Instant Message Pop-up Ads, which the company believes will be an innovative promotional tool.

A discrete pop-up ad depicting an enticing adult performer can be added to an affiliate's webpage and when a surfer clicks the ad, the actual performer's live video chat page comes up. This allows the surfer and the performer to interact in real-time.

"Video Secrets Instant Message Pop-up Ads are a powerful tool which allows affiliates the opportunity to offer users instant interaction with performers that have caught their attention," Video Secrets Media Manager of Operations, Brad Estes said. "This familiar and intimate exchange between users and performers will translate to more revenue potential for affiliates. A surfer has endless opportunities to choose the adult model that led them to the site, or browse the Flirt4Free website for another."

Tutorial instructions for adding the instant message pop-up ads are available on the  Video Secrets website.