Video Secrets Offers Customers Simplified Payment System

CALABASAS, Calif. - Live online adult affiliate program Video Secrets has announced the upgrade of its entire monetary structure which the company touts is currently paying significant dividends.

Video Secrets service offers consumers a variety of live shows in many niches. Until now the payment options were always based on allotments of time. But through user feedback and internal market research, it was revealed that some customers found the existing structure confusing -- esspecially when paying for shows with different rates per minute.

The new credit system allows customers to purchase generic credits from the site, which can then be applied to any show type. By pricing all aspects of the site in a more streamlined credit structure, Video Secrets expects to capture many new customers.

"We did our research before making any decisions and we were confident that the new credit system would have a positive affect on conversions -- especially among new customers," Brad Estes, operations manager of Video Secrets, said. "At the end of the day, research is only research and results are what really matter. That's why we were elated when our expectations were reaffirmed by the consistent boost in new sign-ups."

New and existing affiliates are expected to be encouraged by the positive results of this cleaner and easier purchasing structure.

For more information, visit the Video Secrets website or contact an affiliate representative at [email protected].

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