Vicky Vette, Sara Jay Premiere Charity Video on YouTube, MySpace

ATLANTA - Current Booble Girl of the Year Vicky Vette and big-breasted adult starlet Sara Jay have announced the debut of their new AIDS awareness video, Operation Awareness, on YouTube, MySpace and other social networking sites.

The video follows Vette and Jay during their recent participation in the Atlanta IDS Walk, which took place last weekend.

"I've had a spectacular year so far with my website, so it's important to me that I give back as much as possible to vital causes," Vette said. "There were over 30 million men, women and children suffering with AIDS in 2007, and in these days of recession, charities are hit hard with cut-backs. They need our help more than ever."

Vette added that she was more than appreciative of Jay contributing her time to the Vette Nation Army of volunteers to raise awareness amongst fans and website members.

"Vicky asked me to participate and I jumped at the chance," Jay proclaimed. "It was the first time I've ever run in public and it was awesome. I would urge anyone who is interested to try it. If I can run a 5K, you can, too!"

In the coming new year, Vette is planning another charity event, titled Operation Kick Cancer's Ass.

"Anyone who is remotely interested in raising awareness, participating, sponsoring or otherwise in the name of a cause that touches everyone, let me know," Vette urged. "The more, the merrier. There is always room for more Vette Nation Army Volunteers!  Whether you are involved in adult or not - email me if you want to get involved in future events."

The Operation Awareness video can be seen on Vette's MySpace video page, as well as her YouTube page.

Those interested in participating in the Vette Nation Army may email Vette at [email protected] or contact her through her MySpace page.

The Atlanta AIDS Walk is an annual event sponsored by AID Atlanta, a nonprofit organization providing education and support services for people living with HIV and AIDS. For further info, visit the Atlanta IDS Walk  website.