Vicky Vette Named Booble's Cover Girl of the Month

Internet adult search engine and porn directory Booble has announced that MILF-tastic Vicky Vette is the company's March Cover Girl of The Month. caught up to Vette who was excited about the win. "It's really great," she said. "The winners are selected by the fans, and I'm really thankful they voted for me." For the record, Vette received over 3,500 votes and took home a cash prize of $500.

With her win, Vette is now eligible for Booble's Girl of the Year contest and a prize of $5,000. "I hope my fans come out and vote again when it's time for the Booble Girl of the Year!" said Vette.

In addition to her honors, Vette told that she has been very busy working on her website "We've been shooting a lot in Europe," she said. "We've been doing a lot of crazy stuff like having sex in public."

Vette also related a recent incident in which she was shot engaging some "mile high club" activities on a plane. "It was really funny," she said. "Those bathrooms are so small!"

Asked if in these days of heightened security there were any repercussions, Vette answered, "No. And we were in there for a really long time. And we even brought in a light!"

Well, so much for the vaunted Federal Air Marshal Service.