Vicky Vette Launches Sticky Dollars Affiliate Program

SCOTSDALE, Ariz. - Large-breasted MILF star Vicky Vette announced the launch of her new CCBill-based affiliate program, Sticky Dollars, available for sign-up on her website

"I am really proud to announce that we are able to offer a brand spanking new affiliate program," Vette said.

Vette suffered every webmaster's nightmare a few months ago when their primary processing bank went bankrupt.

"You can imagine the stress that caused," Vette said. "I apologize to anyone who was a former affiliate and hope they will re-enlist."   

The situation had a silver lining according to Vette who is now in school studying Dreamweaver and design. "It gave me a chance to start fresh with marketing," she said. "I redid various aspects of the site and took the time to make sure I was happy with the direction we are headed in."

In addition to the new affiliate program, Vette announced legendary adult superstar Nina Hartley has joined up to be a part of the "Vette Nation Army," which means members who sign up to one star's site will have access to the other's as well.

"In February, fans started calling themselves privates in the Vette Nation Army. It has gotten so popular that has never been a better place to visit on the Net than it is right now. I decided to compete with the ‘big boys' in adult, and add a bunch of new sites to my personal arsenal of porn - Nina's site is the first to be added. She is such a legend and star that it is only fitting that her site be the first. Nina and I have a lot in common, many similar beliefs and she works for a lot of great causes. I've always admired her."

Nina Hartley is quoted as saying: "It is awesome to be part of such a growing network of sites.  Vicky and I have worked together in the past so I expect nothing but big things."

Vette plans to add at least two other sites to the 'Vette Nation' - newcomer Kora Cummings and fetish performer Sasha Sparks, both with sites that are soon to be live. 

To sign up for the affiliate program or to learn more about the partnership between Vette and Hartley, just visit