Vicky Vette Announced MissMySpaceUSA March 2008

MILF queen Vicky Vette, of, was named the March 2008, as part of an Internet modeling contest that boasts 1,500 entrants. The victory comes one month after Vette also announced as the Booble Girl for February 2008.

"A great big thank you to all the fans and friends on the Internet that support and follow me," Vette said. "I'm so impressed by them; they started rallying for votes calling themselves the Vette Nation Army or 'VNA' and I'm going with that! I absolutely love it! It's so much fun and I'm so flattered to win!  The MissMySpaceUSA contest is the first event I have ever won with my clothes on!"

The contest sparked some controversy after Vette was kicked out (for having shot porn) but then reinstated after fans wrote a barrage of complaints on her behalf prompting the organizers to ask publically for the fans to stop sending so much spam. Fierce internet feuds abounded on MySpace. 

"It seems like the organizers did not particularly like a porn girl in their competition and are now not exactly talking it up announcing new ‘eligibility requirements' and how March supposedly went out ‘like a lamb,'" Vette said. "Funny because the fans voted more in March in their competition with a porn girl involved than all of January and February combined. The top girls had 6,000 and 7,000 votes each, compared to the 2,000 in the preceding months."