Verified Call Inks Emily Austin as New Spokesmodel

LOS ANGELES—The winner of Verified Call's model search to be the company's new spokesmodel is industry newcomer Emily Austin, who succeeds Bree Olson.  

As Verified Call's new spokesmodel, Austin's images will be featured in the company's ads, marketing, and more, along with signing at the company's booth at trade shows and numerous press opportunities.

Austin told AVN that she's honored to win such a prized position as a performer so new to the industry. 

"I was really surprised when my agent told me I was chosen," she said. "I'm really new so to follow in Bree Olson's footsteps is a big deal. It's very exciting and I'm happy to represent the company. I hope to make the most of it."

Austin, who began performing earlier this year, has stayed busy working for many major studios including Penthouse, Hustler Video, West Coast Productions, Digital Sin, Jules Jordan Video and Smash Pictures. 

Users of Verified Call will be getting a special treat if they wish to speak with Austin on the service—she's brand new. 

"I haven't taken a call yet," Austin said. "I'm totally new to it so anyone wishing to call me will really be getting me brand-new, which is special and exciting. I've never even done webcams. Everything is still so new to me."

In the year since Verified Call launched, it's grown by leaps and bounds. The service now has more than 800 performers signed up, many of whom use the service daily. 

"We've been fortunate to be embraced by the industry in such a short time," Verified Call President Kurt Vogner told AVN. "When we first started we reached out and made ourselves known, now we have 5-10 performers coming to us to sign up every day. We've really had a good response."

Now, with the service established, the company was looking for a new face.

"Bree was great for us because she was at the height of her fame and in the public's consciousness, and we were the new kids on the block," Vogner said. "It was a great relationship for both of us, and now we had the opportunity to do for a new performer what a veteran performer had done for us. Emily is that fresh face."

Part of what appealed to the company was Austin's freshness as someone who could create a buzz around the service and attract new users. 

"In talking to Emily and hearing how serious she is about her career and how committed she is, we felt it was a great pairing for us," Vogner said. "We're excited that she's going to be making her first call on our service really soon.  

Follow Austin on Twitter at @EmilyAustinOC