Vavoom Media Group Negotiating KSEX Acquisition

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - A former on-air guest of KSEX has announced plans for his latest company to acquire the Internet-based radio station.


Stephen Brown, president and CEO of Vavoom Media Group, has signed a letter of intent to acquire FastBroadcast Inc., which does business as The station essentially has reached an acquisition deal with Vavoom Media Group, which has television, film, animation and radio presences.


The Vavoom brand first reached adult-industry aficionados when Brown and Ms. Vavoom appeared on Sunset Thomas' popular KSEX show "Sunset After Sunset."


Thomas later resigned from KSEX and signed with Vavoom to appear in television and radio programming.


"The irony is not lost on me," Brown said. "KSEX has deep roots in the adult industry. Everyone who is anyone in the biz has appeared at one time or another on KSEX. The archives alone contains thousands of hours of material. Add the KSEX cache, and you've got something very special. I look forward to integrating into the Vavoom brand."


"For KSEX to reach the next level, we needed to have a much broader reach, and this strategic relationship with Vavoom provides that," said KSEX owner Jon Belinkie. "We have been aware of and impressed by Stephen Brown and what he has done with Vavoom over the last year and have been interested in the synergy that our two companies would create. ... KSEX is hopeful to become part of the Vavoom Media Group."