Upscale Daddy Wants to Pimp 'Housewives of O.C.' Star

LOS ANGELES - Sex-tape broker Kevin "KB" Blatt  wants one of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Orange County" to be the "celebrity spokesmodel" for a new sugar-daddy website called

The site is designed to introduce gold-diggers to potential sugar daddies. Wily KB is the pitchman for the venture, which is based out of Ireland.

According to the website, "Real Housewives" star Gretchen Rossi embodies the site's target audience: "30, gorgeous, with a thing for older men taking care of her." 

If Rossi accepts the role, Upscale Daddy will give her $100,000 cash, a condo in Spain valued at half a million and a new $90K Mercedes.

One catch: The site wants her to submit to a polygraph test to prove she was actually in love with and faithful to her late fiance Jeff, disproving rumors that she had a young lover while she was taping Season 4 of Real Housewives. Followers of the show know all the implied dirt. polled some of its "gold-level elite male members" and Rossi was the number-one choice as spokesmodel. If she accepts the polygraph challenge within the next four weeks, she'll be named "UpscaleDaddy Celebrity Spokesmodel" as of May 1, with a party thrown in her honor in Beverly Hills.

Blatt is best known for his behind-the-scenes role in releasing the Paris Hilton sex tape. He went on to appear in the hilariously phony documentary American Cannibal.

"With the recent downfall of the economy, more and more young ladies are turning to sites like to help support their lifestyles," KB told AVN Online. "There are plenty of older men that love catering to the needs of these young damsels in distress."

For more about the website, visit, or contact [email protected].