Updates for Firefox and Chrome

CYBERSPACE — It's been the week for Web browser updates from major companies Mozilla, Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Mozilla released the latest version of its popular Firefox browser, 3.0.11, which plugs nine security holes, including four called  "critical," reports IT news site The Register.

The update prevents a javascript chrome privilege escalation problem that could allow malware incursions through browser elements like the sidebar. Also addressed in the new Firefox are stability issues to prevent crashes.

Users only need to restart their browsers to access the update. For more on the Firefox fixes, read this Mozilla report.

Also getting a fix-it upgrade is Google's Chrome browser. According to Computer Weekly the latest version fixes vulnerabilities related to the WebKit application. The patch addresses "high risk" memory corruption flaw, which could open a window for hackers to inject hostile code and an adjustment regarding information disclosure risk in Webkit's the Drag and Drop functionality.

View additional information on the Google update here.

This week also saw another update for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, while Apple released a beta version of its reportedly high-speed Safari 4. The Safari beta saw a staggering 11 million downloads in three days, CNET said, adding that 6 million of the downloads came from users of the Windows version, a notable coup for Apple.