Up Close With Studio 20's Fresh Faces On Webcam

LOS ANGELES—The award-winning webcam site Studio 20, which now has almost 15 studios in five countries located on three continents, asked three of its top rising newcomers to discuss how they got into camming for a special feature for AVN.

Each of their stories, in their own words, are below.

Eva Devine 

I felt that I wanted to make some major changes in my life after my biggest deception in love. I wanted to change my life, my hair, my job, me.

A good friend told me she read an article in a fashion magazine about the huge income a cam girl can make and suggested me to give it a try.

At first, it sounded hilarious and unattainable but since I was determined to embrace the change and I had nothing to lose I've found myself calling the studio for an interview.

Although it was in a central location and I was hyperventilating thinking if what I’m doing is right or wrong, it took me forever to find the address. Was very happy when the doorman told me it was there. Contrary to what I expected, in front of me was a beautiful red lobby, very stylish decorated and I was lead to the interview room.

A young lady enters and introduces herself and after a few seconds she tells me she had no interview for today...the moment I try to say that we just spoke on the phone, my phone starts ringing...was the girl with the interview...I went to another studio!

Being a blonde usually helps me in life but apparently was not the case here...

The young lady was nice enough and interviewed me for the job, so it got decided to start the following month, after the training.

The first day as a cam girl was a funny mess and a total chaos...I managed to make 5 dollars and I was exhausted.

That was the moment I realized this was not all peaches and cream and being a cam model is actually a difficult job.

I learned how to change myself from conversation to conversation, be sexy and dance, listen to people's stories and try to advise, be happy and laugh like I was surrounded by friends, talk about history or politics, all these in only one hour. It was fascinating and entertaining in the same time.

I decided to take some small acting classes I found on the internet, so I can expand the time I had in privates with members, trying to be more creative and alive, but for good pronunciation, too.

I've studied famous cam girls, their attitude with the members and I've tried to create my own style in front of the camera. I understood that people do not come to my room only for sexual favors and that the most important thing is to offer them nice and happy memories.

Because I always loved gold (my logo is a golden cat), I decided to make a different photo shoot in which I was covered in gold glitter. Nothing but gold glitter.

Hard work pays off and after a year-and-a-half, I was announced that I had been nominated for AW Awards for Best Cam Model Site.

Apparently, posting constantly on social media and the great team work with the Marketing Department for my site had brought me on the stage in front of so many people, being overwhelmed and thankful for my award. I had no speech prepared because I didn't think I was going to win, but the hours spent in front of the camera had helped me and I told everyone how excited I was for my first award and I let them know that it wasn't going to be the last one.

Being every day in front of a camera still amazes me, so many people, so many stories and at the end of the day what matters to me is that a member finishes a private session with a big smile on his face.

Christa Flare

I never imagined what it really meant to be a cam girl.

I chose to be a cam model for financial reasons, for curiosity, and for my strong desire to change my life.

When I was at the interview I felt very embarrassed and I wasn't sure about what being a cam model truly meant. But step by step all my curiosity was cleared up with the help of the studio staff. I never imagined how important it is to be positive and transmit a good vibe.

To be honest I think if I would show my body I will earn a lot of money very easily, but in reality, it is not that easy.

The most important thing that I have learned is to be myself, to feel good about myself first, to be natural and find a way to understand the people online. In my opinion, the members are only people that are missing something in their real life, they think they can't do some things in real life, or it is just for curiosity and to talk with a different person. Some people there are really rude and they think you're only a body and nothing more. But the big part of what I know is that they're really nice and cool people. They make you feel very good and we share beautiful experiences.


Since I become a cam girl, I started to learn more things about myself that I never imagined I liked, about my sexuality too and what type of people I want in my life.

Some days are really hard when you try to do the best you can and nothing good happens. But, I never lose my positivity.

When you're a cam model your life is at the studio, home, studio and back home to sleep. But I have learned how to manage my life, to have my own personal and social life, and to go out and stay with my sister and my friends.

I don't talk to everybody about being a cam model because many people can't understand it, but also in the same time I don't hide if you ask me, and I don't care about the opinions of other people. I have my own life and I can do everything that I want.

In the end, I want to say with a big smile that I really like to be a cam model. You are free. I can speak with different people in the world, and every day I learn something new. I speak Italian very well, as well as English, and I would like to learn a new language soon!

I have many dreams that I would like to try to make come true. I like to dream with my eyes closed and live my dreams with my eyes open.

Sophy Davis

When I found out about what video chat is and how much money I can make, I wanted to try it. But I never thought it could be so easy and so hard at the same time. I had no idea what being a cam girl implied and how much work people put into this job, I just figured that you just sit in front of a camera, talk to some people, dance a little and that’s it. Boy was I wrong.

I’ve tried camming on my own and I didn’t succeed. Why? Because I didn’t have the right motivation, I didn’t have the support I needed nor the knowledge to do this the right way.


Starting out without knowing what this job is all about can be difficult but with the right guidance, with the best support and knowledge, you can achieve greatness.

First of all, I learned what discipline is, I understood that following a schedule, being on time, knowing and following the rules makes all the difference. Yes it’s hard to work 8 hours or more per day, it’s hard to get up early in the morning or staying up all night, it’s hard to get used to a strict schedule, to be consistent with your hours online, but it is necessary for your account to grow, to be seen all around the world, to make new members and keep the old ones with you.

Second, I understood what being a cam girl is like, trying to leave all your problems behind and just focus on your work. We are human beings, we have problems, issues…but so do the members. And if you decide to become a cam model, you’ll soon realize that it’s like being a psychologist. You’ll have to try to forget about your problems and focus on your members.

Being a cam girl made me discover myself as a person and as a woman. I used to be shy and I never considered myself beautiful. Having all the members telling me everyday that I’m beautiful made my confidence grow. Realizing that everyone is someone’s type, accepting myself for who I am and how I am, may have been the best thing that happened to me.

I now know that I am beautiful and desired, I know that I am a woman and I am powerful enough to be on my own, grow as a person and as a model.