UltimateSurrender.com Opens Shoot to San Francisco Members

SAN FRANCISCO - Girl-girl wrestling site Ultimate Surrender is allowing local San Francisco subscribers of the site to sit in on a live tag-team match in the newly built bleacher area of the Ultimate Surrender mat room.

Ultimate Surrender's director Matt Williams has said that all Ultimate Surrender tag team matches will be held in front of a live audience from now on, providing a level of intensity and immediacy that fans of the site are sure to enjoy.

"The energy is different in a live show," said Williams. "It's a whole different type of event."

Going head-to-head (and body-to-body) will be Team Red, consisting of Ariel X "The Assassin" and Samantha Sin "The Python," and Team Black, Dia Zerva "Iron Maiden" and Annie Cruz "The Scorpion."

Williams is confident the live venue gives teams an added incentive.

"It is one thing to lose and get beaten in a closed room with just crew, it's an entirely different thing to lose and be humiliated in front of a live audience," he said. "The stakes are higher than they have ever been."

About 40 members of Ultimate Surrender were given an opportunity to attend the tag-team match via an announcement in the Ultimate Surrender social networking forums.

Ultimate Surrender features real wrestling such as scissor holds, headlocks, pins and more. Once one wrestler has another in a submission hold, she gets extra style points for fingering and fondling the helpless wrestler, face sitting, breast smothering, open-mouth kissing with tongue penetration and more. The pinned wrestler earns shame points at the same time.

For more information, visit the Ultimate Surrender website.