UK Group Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Fight Internet Censors

CYBERSPACE—The UK Open Rights Group is seeking £12,000 via an Indiegogo campaign that it will use to make a short film designed to inform and influence people regarding ISP-level filters, which the group sees as an example of unacceptable internet censorship and a harbinger of worse to come. 

According to Jim Killock, director of the group, now is the time to organize against the move by Prime Minister David Cameron and his allies in the U.K. government, media and other pro-censorship groups. Regarding the filters already implemented by British service providers, he commented, "It’s a bad idea that doesn’t work, is dangerous for internet freedom and could give parents a false sense of security when it comes to their children’s use of the internet."

Of the campaign, he said, "We need your help to launch a campaign to make the UK public aware of this important issue. It will be led by a funny and pointed video that will show people why this filter is bad for them and their families.

"It’s been developed by the advertising creatives who were behind the campaign that helped kill off plans for an internet filter in Australia," he added. "The Australian Prime Minister of the time even admitted as much!"

As vocal an opponent of ISP level filtering as he may be, however, Killock is equally concerned about the "slippery slope" he sees already developing as a result of Cameron's recent online moves and worries that even widespread opposition by the public will result in greater censorship, not less!

"If it turns out the public don’t want filters to censor what they see online," he stated, "then politicians will start asking for blocks that are even harder to switch off. They will continue to claim that filters can solve every social ill. We have to discredit this ridiculous idea. We don’t have to put up with censorship just to make their lives easier. Support this campaign so we can show exactly how stupid filters are."

The Stop UK Internet Censorship Indiegogo campaign, which as of this very moment in time has raised £7,206 of the target £12,000, can be found here.

Fore more information on the UK Open Rights Group, go here.