Twitter Hijacked with Webcam Spam

SAN FRANCISCO -- Twitter accounts were hijacked with webcam spam Friday, the popular message site confirmed.

For some two hours, starting at 11 a.m. PST, 750 Twitter accounts were hacked. A tweet link offered the opportunity to video-chat with a come-hither hottie.

The full message said: "Hey! 23/Female. Come chat with me on my webcam thingy here:" At the time of this report, the site was not accessible.

"It appears that there is a rash of Twitter account hijacking going on," security specialist Rik Ferguson wrote on the site Trendy Micro.

"Obviously we recommend against clicking on this link; it leads to a porn webcam portal which looks to have been designed with credit card harvesting in mind," said Ferguson, according to CNET. "Affected users should change their password to a secure one as soon as possible."

On his Twitter blog, Co-Founder Biz Stone wrote: "We discovered about 750 Twitter accounts were broken into and had a link to a webcam site posted on the accounts. It appears other sites and services have been affected by a similar attack. We reset the passwords of the compromised accounts and removed the spammy updates. Our safety team is currently investigating the attack."

This isn't the first Twitter hijacking; just last month, users sent out spam tweets unknowingly when hackers got through a security hole.

Other IM operations and social-networking sites that have been hacked in a similar manner include MSN and Facebook, reports.