Unveils Version 2.0

ATLANTA - Anonymous account processing portal Trust Cash has released its latest Web 2.0 version with upgrades expected to expand pay-site revenues.

Trust Cash version 2.0 offers consumers a private transaction option, while providing webmasters with a new source of membership buyers. Additionally, every webmaster has the benefit of knowing each sale is permanent.

A consumer's privacy is maintained through the purchase of a Trust Cash prepaid card with unique ID number. Users can add credits via the Trust Cash website, or other content partners, then use their ID number to buy a membership on participating adult websites. The price is deducted from their account and the transaction is completely anonymous, secure and private.

Trust Cash also offers account ID loading options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The belief is consumers are far more likely to buy memberships to adult sites when they know their credit card statement is void of incriminating purchases.

Webmasters operating a subscription based adult pay-site can become content partners and add a graphical button to their join page. This allows consumers to purchase access using their ID number. The actual payment is then sent directly from Trust Cash to the site owner.

Because purchases are prepaid by the customer, there is no possibility of a chargeback. This translates into better credit ratios and more secure revenue for site owners.

In addition to weekly payments, Trust Cash also provides real-time stat tracking.

Visit Trust Cash for more information.