TROUBLEfilms, Sinn Sage Studios Debut ‘Love & Lust’ Featurette

SAN FRANCISCO—TROUBLEfilms and Sinn Sage today released  the gistital featurette Love & Lust on and

The release includes a color and black-and-white version of the 40-minute long-form scene between Sinn Sage, her husband Drake ManOWar, and Courtney Trouble. The scene features Courtney Trouble getting penetrated by both members of the couples, and squirting after double penetration with Drake's cock and Sinn Sage's powerful strap-on.

Love & Lust captures a real moment where genderqueer performer Courtney plans an overnight date with Sinn Sage and her husband. Shot by Rae Threat and Chelsea Poe, this film is a TROUBLEfilms collaborative effort that breaks all molds. It’s an oral sex film, with double head for everyone. It’s a bisexual film, exploring Sinn Sage’s fluid sexuality on camera in a rare performance with her husband and a queer porn star. It’s a couple’s film, shattering expectations of what a Valentine’s night could look like for two perverts in love. It’s a queer porn film, with Sinn and Courtney fucking each other in all their sexual fluidity, endlessly appreciating each other. It’s a gay porn film, with two cocks pressed into a twink’s hole because quite simply, one cock just wasn’t enough for them. It’s a squirting film, with big loads of ejaculate and gushing puddles of real squirt hitting bodies, beds, and cameras throughout the piece. 

“We had mentioned that we’d be more than happy to create a scene with all three of us. at the time, i was really just throwing it out there, and wasn’t totally sure if Courtney would be into it, but it’s definitely always an option for us!” Sinn Sage said. “I guess they thought about it enough, contemplated over the love that’s visible in our marriage and the love we share for other women, and made the fabulous decision to reach out to me and declare an interest in working with us as a couple!”

“Sinn Sage and her husband Drake have an adorable date over for a couple’s retreat Valentine’s Day date. Tired of porn, they really wanted something they could feel. So they got me!” said Courtney Trouble. “I don’t do many men, but I love Sinn so much that when I met Drake, the crush started to rub off on me. Quite literally. I would get turned on when he was on set, and got a kick out of figuring out was his kinks were when we were off the clock, enjoying post-work meals as a creative team.”

This is Trouble's first scene with P-in-V penetration with a cis man that's on a mainstream release (thier first being Cockfetish starring Karla Lane and Mo Reese) and Courtney's first ever double vaginal penetration.

“I think Sinn was inspired to do this because the last time we shot together, her and Chelsea Poe were able to hold hands inside of my cunt,” Trouble said. “Sinn believes in my body sometimes more than I do. That's why I trust her, and her husband, with every inch of my body in this film. I loved it.”

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