Triple10Vault’s Bratty Babe a Big Hit at Quiet Riot Concert

SARASOTA, Fla. - Sexy Lette, Triple10Vault's "spoiled little bad-girl," was introduced June 30 to a hungry mob of more than 12,000 people at a Quiet Riot concert. Lette took the stage to thunderous applause and performed her rendition of "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

"I practiced nonstop and had my headphones on constantly while doing my nails — whatever!" Lette told AVN Online . "I was so nervous before the show and was barely able to stop myself from shaking. This event had the most people I've ever performed in front of and was absolutely insane."

Much to the fans' delight, Lette stuck around after the Def Leopard lick to add her energy, and breasts, to the Quiet Riot set. Lette even added some back-up vocals to "Come on Feel the Noise" with original front man Kevin DuBrow at the helm.

Luca Bizzotto told AVN Online, "Sexy Lette was in a skimpy little outfit during the majority of the show, dancing with the band, and she took her top off during 'Come on Feel the Noise,' and the crowd went nuts as she was screaming it with the singer topless."

In addition to the massive crowd, there was a tattoo artist on hand and a VIP tent, which housed a rigid steel cage containing a magnificent, feral tiger. Lette, who in the past from ages of 14 to 17 has dealt with tigers from circuses and petting zoos tigers, wanted to enter the cage and tame the wild beast. The handler, however, wouldn't allow it. Instead, Lette opted to get two tattoos inked over each breast to cover two previous pieces that had faded over time.

"I decided to cover up two tattoo pieces I had of the Egyptian eyes of Ra with two black stars — and it hurt a lot less than I expected," Lette said.The entire event occurred nearly a month before Triple10Vault intends to have the official launch of and at the Internext Expo in Hollywood, Fla., on Aug. 3.

"We're still trying to come up with some new ideas that no one has ever done, and I can say at this point that we are going to go really big at Internext," Bizzotto said.