TranslationsXXX Launches OutsourcingXXX

ATLANTA - TranslationsXXX has announced the launch of a new multilingual customer support service,

The company aims to allow U.S. clients to reach out to non-English-speaking countries in Asia and Europe.

"We're busting the gates wide open for new markets," said Moreno "MO" Aguiari, owner of OutsourcingXXX. "Thanks to TranslationsXXX, U.S. companies can now exploit the long-untapped demographics outside the United States, creating more opportunities and the potential of increased sales in international markets."

OutsourcingXXX is the product of a partnership between Aguiari and Helios, a leading outsourcing company in India that boasts more than 20 years' experience in the industry. OutsourcingXXX's menu of services includes email and other Web-based support, outbound/inbound calling, and order taking.

"In our multilingual platform, we use translation, localization, and marketing as an edge to maximize the efforts of American companies setting up businesses in non-English-speaking countries," Aguiari said. "We know that companies cannot be efficient in using marketing, advertising, and customer-support strategies in another country without shifting successfully cross-culturally."