TrafficPartner, Grand Slam Media Discuss Structure of New Deal

LOS ANGELES—The deal between TrafficPartner and Grand Slam Media has raised interest in both brands, and also raised some questions about the details of how things will be structured as both companies move forward with their clients together. The deal was initially reported as a “merger” but the specifics are now coming more clearly into focus.

“TrafficPartner bought into our business,” explained Luke Hazlewood, the CEO of “We are not owners in TrafficPartner. The two brands are a natural fit for all of the shareholders. They build great companies and are seasoned investors with experience and a strong know-how when it comes to driving successful companies to the next level.”

In the near future Grand Slam Media will be launching advertising in the TrafficPartner members’ area on an exclusive basis, which will be rolled out over the next few months piece by piece. It's arguably the largest German-speaking network in adult and has a very strong presence in Nordic countries as well.

TrafficPartner will also be providing resources to help drive the continued research and development of new Grand Slam Media tech products. Grand Slam has always been at the forefront of ad management, ad security and bidding ROI technologies. The company now has several new tools and products in its pipeline that will be accelerated and should become available to clients before autumn of this year.

On the TrafficPartner side of the equation, many of their existing customers will benefit immediately from having the ability to send traffic to all GEOs, because they are now able to leverage the Adnium platform as a component of Grand Slam Media, which in return will increase the global reach of their products, services and marketing campaigns.

“Grand Slam Media becomes far stronger as a result of this deal because our reach has expanded and our ability to monetize traffic on a performance level for our clients becomes even more significant,” Hazlewood said. “TrafficPartner and Grand Slam now have performance (PPS/ Rev Share) options as well as CPM offers for clients to monetize." 

"During the next six months we will continue to expand our traffic sources and partners rapidly," explained Michael Reul, CEO of "Members’ area placements will grow significantly, with an emphasis on international markets that go beyond the English-speaking GEOs Grand Slam already covers best. Looking 12 months ahead you can expect to see a fully encompassing traffic network that handles all units and all types of publishers from around the globe with the most progressive technologies, carefully designed to give advertisers a competitive advantage by providing better access to their core markets in the simplest interface with the most advanced toolset ever developed for professional traffic buyers and sellers.”

Given the size and depth of the deal, the brands involved have already seen a spike in activity from publishers and advertisers seeking to maximize their revenue.