Traffic Dude Partners with HeatSeek for Ad Sales

PUEBLO, Colo. - Traffic Dude, an online advertising agency, has inked a deal to manage advertising sales for the HeatSeek adult Web browser and media player.

Traffic Dude will sell and manage consumer-targeted advertising for HeatSeek, as well as placement of the browser's pre-installed website favorites.

HeatSeek's patent-pending technology gives users a private and enhanced experience in the adult online space. The Windows-based software includes a specialized Web browser and media player, enabling users to browse, download, organize and view their adult content in a completely secure and private environment. Users can even activate an IP-masking feature that enables them to surf at work or anywhere else without leaving a trace.

HeatSeek contains no spyware or adware and offers features such as video bookmarking, DVD burning, a library and playlist manager, and protection against popups, viruses and malware. Additionally, users may install and run HeatSeek privately from a portable hard drive or USB key.

For more information, visit the Traffic Dude and HeatSeek websites.