Traffic Dude Expands Portfolio With Consumer Print Advertising

PUEBLO, Colo. - Traffic Dude has announced the company has expanded its consumer targeted advertising portfolio to include ad placement in top rated consumer erotica magazines.

In a partnership with veteran print agency Pacific Marketing, Traffic Dude will offer advertising placement to its clients within Pacific Marketing's network of consumer print publications, including best in class consumer magazines such as Hustler, Club, Swank, Penthouse Letters, Freshmen, and Inches, to name a few.

"We are striving to offer the most comprehensive suite of consumer targeted advertising products for our advertisers," said Scott Rabinowitz, co-founder of Traffic Dude. "In talking to Pacific Marketing, the addition of well-branded and specialized niche print publications for our clients to promote their websites seemed like a natural fit. Pacific Marketing maintains a very high standard of professionalism and client care, which is sync with how we approach client support at Traffic Dude."

David Wood, vice president for sales and marketing at Pacific Marketing, said, "We are always looking to diversify our client base. A partnership with an agency like Traffic Dude allows us to expand our business by working with top flight advertisers already working with their firm. The collaboration will allow web marketers with niche site offerings to gain consumer exposure through the print market, which although not new, will provide fresh consumers for advertisers to gain customers from."

Traffic Dude is a full service online advertising agency focused on the adult entertainment industry. The company offers straight, gay and niche-centric consumer-targeted adult advertising campaigns across a hand-picked network of high traffic adult destination sites and print publications, as well as via major search engines including Yahoo. The company also provides advertising sales management services to provide revenue streams for premium quality ad-supported websites.

For more information, visit or contact [email protected].