TopBucks Launches iTouchHer, New Adult ‘Web-App’ for the iPhone

VAN NUYS, Calif.— Apple still will not allow even softcore apps for its iPhone, but the adult industry, ever-innovative, is finding ways around that problem. Case in point, TopBucks'  iTouchHer, a recently launched adult web-based app that offers a series of humorous, porn-related games.

“We wanted to create something fun and engaging for our first web-app,” Lea Busick, director of marketing and sales for TopBucks, said. “So we decided to create a game application with a variety of funny, sexy games that iPhone users will enjoy playing and then be able to share their scores with others by posting the results to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.” 

The launch lineup of games includes sly. tongue-in-cheek entries such as  "Nude Photo Hunt," "Roast Beef or Twat?" and "Tranny Hunter," but according to TopBucks there will be many more games coming.

“Not only will we add more games of our own devising, but we’re also going to be asking users to submit ideas for new games,” Q. Boyer, marketing coordinator for TopBucks, said. “We feel that when consumers become part of the creative process, everyone benefits, and that mentality has contributed to the success of our other mobile sites such as The goal is at some point to open up the development process to end-users directly and enable them to create and upload their own games.”

Busick made it clear that while the company doesn’t “want to create an antagonistic relationship with Apple” and understands that Apple wants to keep the App Store family friendly, TopBucks felt a need to find some way around the App Store rules to deliver its iPhone-using customers a compelling porn-related product.

“Even though we think their guidelines are a bit ill-conceived, web-apps are currently the only legitimate way to get around those guidelines,” Busick said. “I suppose we could have resorted to playing a ‘bait and switch’ game with Apple, which some other companies have done, but we feel that is a suspect business practice, and something we have no interest in doing. In the ongoing battle between Apple and porn, we at TopBucks just want the consumers to be the winners.”

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