Too Much Media Releases NATS Version 4.0

FREEHOLD, N.J. - Mainstream and adult Web based product developer Too Much Media has announced the official release of NATS V4.

NATS V4 is an affiliate tracking software that tracks all details surrounding affiliate's traffic and its origins including affiliate management, site security/protection and content management.

"The new NATS Version 4 tracks the country, tour, advertising tool, and other custom fields set for the affiliate," Fred Schank, developer for Too Much Media, told AVN Online. "There are new custom payout options to modify the way you pay out your affiliates and the new affiliate template design provides more information to the affiliates in an easily navigated interface. The affiliates will be much happier with this new layout."

The upgrade process will be involved, so the company is sending out an email to all clients with information and timelines.

"We have sent detailed instructions in an email to all of our current clients," Schank explained. "New clients can contact [email protected] to see a live demo of the new version."

Additionally, new support features and pricing structures have been added.

"We will now be offering phone support to our clients and our office hours will be doubled to 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.," Schank added. "We will continue to increase our hours with the goal of soon having the office staffed 24/7 with technical support staff."

The new pricing structure for NATS leasing includes an install cost of $250, half of the original $500, with support and training packages also being cut in half from $1,000 to $500.

This brings the upfront fees of NATS down from $1,500 to $750.

Additionally, the monthly lease tiers are being changed. Zero to 300 sign-ups per month will equal $150 in monthly costs, 301 to 750 will be $350, 751 to 2,000 will be $650, 2,001 to 5,000 will be $850, 5,001 to 9,000 will be $1,150 and 9,001 and more will be $1,450.

In order to take advantage of the new phone support, users must be on the new pricing tiers.

The one-time license fee for NATS is now $19,500, including one year of unlimited support and upgrades. The yearly support contract is available after that at a cost of $2,500 a year.

For more information, visit the Too Much Media website, or email John Albright at [email protected].