Too Much Media Beta Tests NATS V4

FREEHOLD, N.J. - After several months of development, Too Much Media has begun beta testing of NATS v4 on Teen Dolls

Teen Dolls, a small affiliate program owned and operated by Too Much Media owner John Albright, often is used as a test bed for new NATS features and concepts. 

"We decided to beta NATS v4 for a few weeks prior to any client betas in order to initially weed out any undetected bugs or issues," Albright told AVN Online. "After that, we will move on to the second stage of our NATS v4 beta, which will be to upgrade a few NATS client installs to the v4 beta. The clients have already been selected and will be publicly announced as they are upgraded to the v4 beta." 

The NATS v4 beta has been rewritten with new source code and database structure. Many new features will be released with detailed information over the next few weeks. 

"Affiliates are free to get a look at NATS v4 and explore all of the features on their own," Albright said. "We ask only that people report any issues they may come across via the support tab in the affiliate area."

The most significant change in NATS v4 is the new "Standard NATS" template set that will be distributed with all installations. The detailed statistics interface gives affiliates more power to analyze and target their traffic and sign-ups, Albright said. 

"All traffic can be specifically broken down by many different criteria, such as the country, site, program, campaign, ad tool or hosted gallery used," he explained. "There are a multitude of new affiliate stats reports such as Day View, Month View, Year View, Referral View and many, many more." 

Each view is a detailed report showing relevant facts and trends related to the statistics, Albright said. 

Additionally, the advertising-tool system has been redone to make it easier for programs to add new tool types, Albright said. 

"We will be supplying new ad-tool types with all installs, such as Flash videos, peel ads, et cetera," he said. 

To create an affiliate account and see NATS v4, visit Teen