Too Much Media Acquires Equity Stake in Segregated Payments Ltd.

FREEHOLD, N.J. - Too Much Media, creator of Next-Generation Admin Tracking System, has acquired an equity stake in Segregated Payments Ltd., owner and operator of SegPay third-party processing services.


"By acquiring ownership in SegPay, we are able to bring the industry's most advanced and widely used affiliate system to an even larger audience at the best price possible: free," said John Albright of Too Much Media.


Too Much Media plans to launch TMMSegPay, a registered Visa Internet Payment Service Provider processing solution for the U.S. and EU markets, by February 2008. The solution will allow merchants who have TMMSegPay as their primary processor to use NATS at no cost. 


"The NATS solution we will be providing to merchants will be a fully featured, up-to-date NATS system, not a watered-down product with limited features," said Charles Berrebbi of Too Much Media. "As we expand and update the NATS system, TMMSegPay clients will be expanded and updated, as well. We only offer one version of NATS, the one we feel is the best we can provide for our clients."


TMMSegPay also will bring the concept of segregated payments to the U.S. market as a registered Visa IPSP. 


"The segregated-payments model provides for a fully safe and secure billing solution, as the processing bank will be paying TMMSegPay merchants directly," said Segregated Payments CEO Cathy Beardsley.


Representatives of Too Much Media and TMMSegPay will be at Internext Las Vegas in January to answer questions about the new partnership.