Seeking New Reviewers

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - has redesigned its website, and to mark the occasion has issued an open casting call for the next great porn reviewers.

" is unique because of the personality we bring to adult reviews with our opinionated and irreverent style," said Managing Director Brian Sokel. "We have so many customers that understand our sensibility and ‘get' what it is we are doing, so why not find the next great batch of writers from our own loyal customers?"

The site needs writers who are a little off the cuff, with a snarky or sassy voice and the ability to speak the truth.

"We're not looking for your ordinary, run of the mill reviews," Sokel said. "We want fresh, outspoken, and fun writers who like adult film and want to speak their mind."

To be considered for selection as a reviewer, send an email to Brian Sokel at [email protected].