Owner Awaiting Trial in Unrelated Case

LOS ANGELES – David Elms, the 37-year-old creator of, is currently being held in a Los Angeles jail, awaiting trial on probation violations charges. has become known as the premiere online destination for those willing to rank their experiences with prostitutes on a scale of 1 to 10, as well as to leave comments. Elms said he created the site, which was launched in 1999, because he wanted to empower customers after he felt he was being “ripped off” by various escort services.
And while the site continues to operate while Elms awaits trial on probation violation charges related to a 2006 drug and weapons conviction, some familiar with the site are concerned and somewhat happy.
One escort agency that was banned from the site has accused Mr. Elms of
antitrust violations, suggesting that he abuses his power over the sex
trade, according to a New York Times article. Others say he accepts sex or money to promote certain women and agencies, and are happy to witness his potential downfall. Elms has denied the allegations, though he rarely speaks publicly about the site.
Elms is currently in jail on charges he failed five drug tests since October 2007, which is in violation of his probation for the 2006 conviction. If he is found guilty of the latest charges, he could serve a four-year prison term.