The Naked Truth About Google Gadgets

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – iGoogle? More like eye-popping Google. A Web walk through Google Gadgets for downloading to one's personal Web page brings some titillating results. 

How long will these Gadgets stay up, as some conservative blogs are already up in arms, claiming they're being downloaded at schools?  That's hard to say. But with the uproar, it's possible they might not last and Google could not be reached for comment. 

However, these are some of  the Gadgets that were available for download as of Thursday afternoon: features sex videos and pictures, plain and simple, along with sex ads at the top of the window, while Beautiful Naked Women is, well, you can figure that out easily. The Gadget boasts, "Sexy Playboy playmates, Penthouse pets, Hustler hotties, swimsuit models, girls in bikinis, slutty lingerie, and over 12,000 pictures of naked women for your female nudity enjoyment." What's interesting is the appearance of banner ad at the top for Adult Friend Finder.

The Hot Thong Butts and Ass-Perfect Women Gadget features bottoms a-plenty and cleavage, covered and uncovered. Once downloaded, if you click on it, you're re-directed to

Sometimes topless, sometimes in a bikini, sometimes naked is the Babe of the Day,  where a click of the Gadget takes you to

Clearly, these particular Google Gadgets are yet another option as traffic-generators for the aforementioned sites.

More on the PG-13 rated are various "Hot Babe" Gadgets, which you'll find here.