The MŌN App Launches Series With Catherine Drysdale

AUSTIN, Texas — The MŌN App, a leading audio community that brings together experts and enthusiasts to talk about sex, on Wednesday announced the of a series in partnership with sex expert Catherine Drysdale. 

MŌN, the buzzing social app for the sex-positive community to talk about sex, is kicking off another series of chats with a sex and relationship coach, self-proclaimed pleasure activator, and TikTok Influencer, Catherine Drysdale.  Catherine’s relatable and conversational approach to sex education has allowed her to grow her following to nearly 200K on TikTok.

“We’re thrilled to provide a platform for Catherine to connect with a new audience and engage in a whole new way,” says Caleth Jones, founder of The MŌN App. “We’re all about pleasure and Catherine’s approach to sexuality embodies that.”

Catherine focuses on the importance of self-pleasure within a self-discovery lens—regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or kinks.

This special series of chats are all about female pleasure and launches Thursday, July 7, and runs through July 28. Plan to attend the chats below:

1) Storytime: I had 32 orgasms in 2 hours
2) Storytime: I had multiple orgasms in a breathwork workshop
3) 3 secrets to becoming multi-orgasmic
4) Wanna become multi-orgasmic? Join this chat! 

“Given the state of the world right now we’re understanding how critical sexual health is—but often forget the importance of pleasure, too," Catherine says. "So many of us are disconnected from our bodies which affect our ability to know and understand what pleasure actually feels like. I’m grateful that MŌN provides a safe space for women and vulva owners to talk about sex and pleasure." 

“When launching MŌN, I was excited by the opportunity to bring together different experts, communities, and topics, but I’m overwhelmed by the number of meaningful discussions that have happened in the community so far, and this is just another example of the work we’re doing to highlight important discussions on sex,” says founder Caleth Jones.

Creators have come to the platform in recent months with the increased censorship of sexual content from well-known creators, such as Catherine Drysdale, Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey, Ph.D., Dr. Evan Goldstein, Paislee Haze, and many more. 

Backed by a queer founder, MŌN prides itself on being fully inclusive by bringing together community and conversations from all backgrounds into one singular platform to share experiences and knowledge. With chats firing up throughout the day and a steady stream of scheduled chats with experts and enthusiasts, users have access to a supportive, sex-positive community to continue their sexual exploration in a safe, inclusive, and interactive environment. 

To learn more, visit and download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

As an added bonus, users can register for a 30-minute orgasmic manifesting meditation when they sign up this way at the following link. 

Learn more about Catherine at: