The Etology Experience: An Ad Network Built on Exclusivity

Etology is a newer ad network, but the company is comprised of long-standing industry veterans and is banking on its ability to provide exclusive access to high-traffic inventory from Publisher sites and Members Area sources for a deep list of high-profile clients.

“The Etology brand is a network built on exclusivity and remains an invite-only network,” said Bako Kaye, founder and president of “We are the first to leverage exclusive members area traffic relationships where others have previously failed, in part because each publisher and advertiser on our platform is vetted to ensure they meet all of our guidelines prior to joining our network. The most important thing that people should know about Etology is that we are only successful if you are successful, and we work passionately to maximize your profits.”

Savvy media buyers are already aware of the importance of testing and tracking traffic sources to gather useful information that allows each campaign to be part of a fine-tuning process that eventually leads to perfectly focused ads and offers. Etology provides many years of experience and a robust reporting system to keep clients in control of each spend—and it seeks to turn existing traffic deals into fuel for their next high-ROI campaign.

“Our team is comprised of industry veterans whose only mission is to ensure that each campaign is ROI positive, which is why each advertiser is provided with an account manager and concierge service, no matter how large or small the size of their initial ad spend. Our mission is to help clients achieve growth by helping you to fine-tuning media buys into winning campaigns. We have more than 100 strategic partners and serve over 1 billon impressions each month. Our portfolio includes FriendFinder Networks and—well, being that we are an exclusive network, please feel free to reach out to us for our extended list of partners.”

As with all traffic deals, trust always plays an important role. Etology answers that part of the equation with a layered approach to security and a careful prescreening process across the entire platform. But the core reason Etology has earned respect is the fact that it is owned by well-known industry veterans.

“I’m the founder and president of and have been in the adult business since 1999,” said Kaye. “I started as an AVS affiliate and spent some time as a content broker before making my way as full-time affiliate traffic provider. Now, as president of Etology, I am involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, especially in areas devoted to the long-term growth of the brand and the success of our clients.”

Putting that experience and expertise to use is essential for media buyers who are new to the industry. And even the most qualified advertisers could benefit from the information that Etology can provide on a per niche, per carrier, per region or per ad type basis.

“A lot of advertisers have good product offers and great websites, but some lack the knowledge of how to drive the right potential customers to their site—or how to convert them into revenue once they arrive,” said Bako. “Etology is here to bridge the gap by providing advertisers with the tools and expertise necessary to achieve their advertising goals. Whether they are focused on branding, driving more app installs or more direct membership sales, we work together in many verticals simultaneously.”

As Etology continues to evolve, the ability of advertisers to drill down to specific resources and access specialized traffic tailored to their specific goals will also continue to improve over time

“ and will be joined under the Etology umbrella at the end of the year,” Bako explained. “These will both be niche-focused portals for geo-targeted brands that are in need of reaching a more specific audience. We service mainstream and all marketing niches, with new projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned!”

That long-term orientation looking forward, combined with an already impressive track record, is a powerful combination for advertisers seeking maximum exposure at the best possible value. It also suits quality publishers interested in sourcing their downstream traffic sales to a service that can earn them top dollar at each step along the path from acquisition to distribution.

“Etology is focused on being your long-term strategic partner, and when we say that it’s important to understand that we believe in a ‘friend for life’ approach to doing business. Please reach out to us if you are a publisher that needs help monetizing your traffic or if you’re an advertiser that needs help driving and converting consumers.”

Whether you are looking to earn more from your existing traffic or are seeking to build a new brand from start-up to global success, the experienced Etology team is ready to sit down and talk.

This article originally ran in the December 2014 issue of AVN magazine. The Etology team is sponsoring the Meet Market at the upcoming Internext Expo, taking place January 17-20 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.