The Clean-Up Crew

For those involved in selling products, services or content within the adult Internet marketplace, I-Bridge International, a consulting group with expertise in credit-card processing and traffic acquisition offers solutions tailored to meet any need.

The company has a reputation for solving its customers' problems and has far exceeded the goals set by its client companies. I-Bridge International's range of services includes internal or external billing solutions, merchant accounts, traffic acquisition and marketing efforts, and the company has trained and placed sales teams on the ground for some of its large and notable clients in the adult space. "Our mantra at I-Bridge is that we solve problems," company President John Van Arnam said. "It's what companies want from a consulting group."

Johnny V, as he is better known in the adult entertainment industry, has quietly assisted companies in the space for 11 years. He and his company have developed a reputation for straight talk, integrity and the ability to find - and sometimes create - solutions to client companies' various problems.

Johnny V got started in the adult industry in 1997 with Epoch Transaction Services and was with the company until 2001. "I learned a lot about processing and how the industry operated," he said. "I was instrumental in guiding them through a tough time they were having with a management group in 1999, and, with a few friends, assisted them to overcome a very perilous situation. It was then and there that I realized what I was truly good at, which is solving other companies' problems. I learned a lot at Epoch. They taught me a lot about this space and a lot about third-party billing."

"I then engaged with New Frontier Media, a public adult company in Colorado, and guided them through a tricky transition from a billing standpoint. It was interesting to learn how a public company operates, and I experienced a lot."

Then, Johnny V signed a consulting deal with Flash Cash, where he learned the industry from the program side. "I received some of the greatest guidance regarding this industry from Flash Cash," he said. "They are a smart group of people and run their business very well. I am happy to have worked with them so closely." Some of the marketing that was put in place in 2003 is still running today. "That is a true testament to listening and then providing solutions to the problems of your clients," Johnny V said. "Nothing could be more important than listening."

Perhaps the best-known consultation client of Johnny V's is his most recent, Wildline!, a search-engine marketing agency. In April 2004, Johnny V met Charles Hentrich at the Phoenix Forum. In two years, they took Wildline! to the height of search-engine marketing. By introducing Hentrich's SEM talents to the industry relationships Johnny V had formed and maintained over the years, they grew Wildline! to pre-eminence in the adult space. "Charles truly had a superior product when I met him in Phoenix," Johnny V said. "His particular challenge was that people had been burned by other traffic offerings in the past. He needed a recognized and trusted entity to deliver his message, and that's where I came in.

"I am very proud of my relationship to Wildline! They are a quality company run by a very talented and creative hands-on president, and they will do very well as they continue to grow."

Wildline! is getting ready to announce its new alliance with an ex-Google group in Las Vegas this year, and its growth seems bound to continue. "Charles keeps providing me specific challenges" Johnny V said, "and I'll keep knocking 'em down."

Asked what else he feels he has been able to provide the industry, Johnny V was quick to tout the credits of Joan Irvine, founder of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection. "Anything I can do to be of assistance to Joan, I am happy to do it," he said. "We as an industry owe her a lot, and she deserves all of our respect and assistance in any way we can provide it.

"I believe that companies who provide solid service are worthwhile to everyone in this space and, most importantly, to the space itself. I intend to make sure I do what I can to increase the longevity and growth potential of the online adult entertainment space in a safe and thoughtful manner."

For more information on I-Bridge International, visit or look for Johnny V at any of the industry shows.


This article originally appeared in the August 2008 issue of AVN Online magazine. To subscribe, visit AVN Media Network