The Adult Broker Penning Column for Klixxx

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - Lori Z., The Adult Broker, has signed on as a contributing writer for adult online magazine Klixxx.

Known for helpful articles and research that benefit both the newbie and the veteran, Klixxx has ramped up additional areas of the magazine including program spotlights, trends and now a column by The Adult Broker aptly titled "Industry Insight."

Each month TAB's contributing article will offer an insight into the adult industry through personal experiences, metaphors and analogy's but all culminating into one main insight into what she sees.

"I am very happy to be writing for Klixxx. Fabian and Dana - who run Klixxx magazine - are veterans of the industry yet never take their eyes off what information is beneficial for the community," Lori Z. said. "I look forward to contributing what I see and experience during my days of dealing in the business and hope to pay forward some of what I have learned and I am still learning."

The Adult Broker is best known for brokering more than 1,500 deals across all spectrums of the adult industry including traffic, company sales, content, press packages and partnerships for the industry at large. TAB's long-standing clients include CECash, IMLive, Videobox, Netcash and Booble, with a new client announcement coming shortly.

You can find The Adult Broker's Industry Insight articles on and in print.

For more information, contact [email protected] or ICQ 289-567-792 or [email protected] or ICQ 420-486-256.