Thanks to Knight, Cornell Takes Lead in Ivy League Sex Race

ITHACA, N.Y.—Harvard, Dartmouth and Yale are no doubt wondering what hit them. From Sex Weeks to erotic magazines to porn screenings, America's finest private colleges have competed for years to see which is the institution of highest sexual learning. It's safe to say no one ever imagined that Cornell would take the lead in the Ivy League sex race.

This is no laughing matter. Scholastics are still important, to be sure, and sports remain essential to round out the individual, but it is sex alone that separates the men from the boys, and the women from the girls.

Appropriately, then, it is a blond, blue-eyed 22-year-old young woman who is solely responsible for helping catapult Cornell to the top of the heap. No one knows her real name, and she may not even be a student at the school, but the cutie pie allegedly from Syracuse who is responsible for up to four videos shot surreptitiously in campus libraries while she masturbates in a most joyous fashion has become the face (and body) of Cornell. A close look at one of the videos actually indicates that the girl appears to be live camming and not just shooting a video, which makes sense considering she has a profile on MyFreeCams that lists her occupation as "webcam."

College officials are not amused, of course. Cornell's director of press relations, Claudia Wheatley, called the video she saw "pretty sick," and brought a historical perspective to the incident, adding, “When I was a kid, my mother said some people will do anything for attention, and 50 years later, I’m still amazed by how low people will go."

Did Wheatley see the same video we did? The one that takes place in Carpenter, the school's engineering library, supposedly made during the summer break, reveals a young woman whose evident glee while getting off is infectious. Need one say that she is probably happier and more contented making that video than the vast majority of students who pass through those library doors? Doesn't that mean anything?!

At any rate, this story only went viral because of the eagle eyes of users of a Cornell online forum called Ezra Hub, which implies that that the young woman, a Playboy wannabe who goes by Cameron Knight, is not quite the publicity seeker she is being labeled. Exhibitionist, yes, but shameless self-promoter who would purposefully bring an esteemed college to its knees? Eh ... maybe.

The story is now international, with U.K. papers Daily Mail and The Sun cheerfully posting pics of the bosomy "girl-next-door," with snarky headlines such as, "In the library, with the camera. ... Girl strips off in top law school library for amateur porno." Love the subtlety.

IvyGate, a site that covers all Ivy League schools, has indicated that four videos featuring Knight have been identified, with three allegedly made in the school's law library. The video that made its way to xHamster has already been removed, however, and it is now being reported that Knight has also removed her Twitter feed.

The scandal, such as it is, will quickly die down, but we sure hope that Cameron Knight will not go away forever. Such unfettered enthusiasm and derring-do must not be denounced but rewarded by Cornell for putting it firmly in the lead in the Ivy League sex race.

Image: Cameron Knight, courtesy of her MyFreeCams profile.