Tera Patrick Featured in 1st Issue of Hound Mag

LAS VEGAS - Tera Patrick is the cover girl for the first issue of Hound Mag, a free monthly Internet magazine featuring porn star photo spreads and website links.

Hound Mag provides convenient access to porn star pics without annoying pop-ups, spyware, or ads. The site runs on a Flash-based application called FlipDocs that allows web-surfers to peruse the online pages like a photo flip-book.

"Men are frustrated with unfiltered adult websites," said Hound Mag CEO Ron Aguilar. "Browsing the internet has become more about avoiding ads and getting rid of pop ups than it is about the things that actually interest you."

The first issue of Hound Mag includes 76 pages packed with color photos of XXX stars. Each layout includes an embedded hyperlink that redirects interested readers to Web sites such as Gamelink, where more photos of the chosen model can be found.

The webzine promises other features including an Ask a Star column, Hound Girl of the Month, and best-of lists for adult VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray. Aguilar is also developing a version for the iPhone.