TemptationHouse.com Launches Affiliate Program

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Reality-porn site Temptationhouse.com is expanding its reach with the launch of a new affiliate program for webmasters.

Best described as a hardcore version of TV's 'Big Brother', Temptation House is a webcam site where sex performers compete to stay in a spacious Czech villa. The site allows members to interact with contestants through chat and webcam features, with the cast voted on or off the premises according to user votes.

"Temptation House brings the best elements of reality TV and the interactivity of the Internet to this competitive and challenging sexual contest," said Temptationhouse.com President Slavomir Paraviciny.

Thus far, the Temptation House experiment has proven a success. Italian television program La Grande Notte has declared it "the most extreme reality show," and according to publicist Wayne Hentai, the site has received over 1.6 million hits from 140 countries since launching on March 31.

To date, 42 contestants have come through the doors of Temptation House, including Italian porn star Maurizia Paradiso and avant-garde painter Etore Wallemberg Terzo. Leading competitors Rocco and Lucie have been on the site since its inception and even proposed marriage online.

"The sex that goes on in the house is a big draw, of course, but the people in the house make the site memorable," Paraviciny said.

The site's affiliate program offers 20 percent payouts for first-time signups and another 30 percent for webmaster referrals. For more information, visit temptationhouse.com/affiliate.php.