Telefuture To Debut Smartlink 12Ca$h at European Summit

PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia—Telefuture, a sponsor of this year’s European Summit in Prague., is using the trade show as an opportunity to unveil its smartlink branded as 12Ca$h.

“We offer smartlink technology that finds the right offer for your traffic,” said Sales Director Léon Dijksman. “On top of that, we offer exclusive and in-house offers, updated and regulated daily by advertising specialists, and a VIP status that includes a higher payout for the most loyal and profitable partners.”

Telefuture is an international full-service provider for mobile and interactive value-added services. Founded in 1986, the company is seen as an innovation leader on the market and its full-managed service approach includes consulting, design, applications, content, billing, and technical implementation for optimal, multi-channel marketing campaign management. 12Ca$h is the company’s newest product offering.

“12Ca$h is the ultimate platform for content publishers, website owners, and game and app developers. It's also a great solution to monetize remnant traffic. Data and insight drives the selection of each offer and which publishers we choose to promote them,” said Léon.

Learn how it works in this video:

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