TeasersVOD.com Goes Gonzo on the Hollywood Streets

LOS ANGELES—With two seasons of bold public adventures on film, the team behind TeasersVOD.com has proven itself to be both brave and slippery. The Teasers guys take to the streets with cameras in hand, and get scantily-clad models to do naughty things often on busy thoroughfares with civilians in plain sight. And they've managed to pull it off without a single incident. 

"We're pretty sneaky," said Marc Star, co-creator of Teasers. "We've been busted by cafe owners, angry neighbors, that kind of thing, but only once by the police."

"We respect the man in the badge, they have a hard job, too," said co-founder Eisenhower (a.k.a. "Ike Stain") McStain. "And in the end they let us go. I think personally probably a lot of them are down with what we're about, only it's technically not strictly legal." 

The duo began shooting content for Teasers in 2007 with the idea of taking the mask off of reality porn by taking some genuine risks. 

"Point blank- we don't have the money to fake it," said Star, the director and editor. "We needed something we could do on a shoestring, but high quality and fresh. There's nothing better than natural light and we noticed that there was a gap in Public Nudity content that the American audience could really relate to." 

Stain added, "We were raised on PPH - Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. The Europeans, who produce most of the real Public Nudity stuff, they just don't get that. It's not their aesthestic.

"I want to know they're outside, in public, but I also want ass in my face. I need to see the pussy. I need finger action and nipple play. I need lots of bendovers."

Most of the site's content is shot in and around Hollywood, on main streets and side streets, in the hills, parks, etc. They've even gotten some eyebrow-raising footage on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. Teasers also has plenty of footage from building rooftops and rooftop parking lots. 

"We get a lot of full on—full nude masturbation on the sidewalks and streets," Star said. "But we can't always depend on that. Sometimes the girls are more shy, or the conditions just aren't right, so we always hit up a secluded spot at the end of the day, where we can get everything." 

The website's content is delivered like an online magazine, with a focus on consistency. 

"Members know what they're getting, and they know when they're getting it," Star said. "Like the old magazines— there's going to be a certain number of features, those features are going to contain specific elements and it's going to come every month like clockwork. Quality and consistency are what we're all about. To us, that's just good business." 

Teasers updates three times a month with an hour or more of video per update. The site features nearly four dozen girls and has a good deal of free video content for each model on their tour pages, which are exactly the same as their member pages, only without access to the full content. 

Graphically, it's like sifting through the photographer's journal, with thumbnails and slideshows, most of which are available for download on their free gallery site, teasersvod.net

Teasers is currently looking to package its content for DVD and cable distribution.