Tanya Tate Launches Free Cosplay Fansite, JustaLottaTanya.com

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.Vinyl boots, skin-tight catsuits or revealing halter tops are some of the articles of clothing you might see multi-award-winning adult entertainment star Tanya Tate wearing. But with the addition of a flowing cape or prominent logo, Tanya would then be partaking in one of her newfound pastimes: cosplay.

Cosplay is short for “costume play,” a popular activity that, in Tanya’s case, has seen her suited up as her favorite superheroes. Whether it’s at the San Diego Comic Con or aiding in the Guinness Book of World Record-making Largest Gathering of Superheroes, Tanya has been seen dressed as popular Marvel Comics characters. Now, Tanya wants to share her super-heroine exploits with her fans with the launch of JustaLottaTanya.com, a free fan site that indulges in her favorite off-screen activity.

“This is what I do for fun,” Tate explained. “It’s exciting to dress up as a superhero. It’s playful, fun, and I sex up the costume a little. The site came about because all the comic book fans that have seen me in costume tell me I look exactly like characters I dress up as, so I thought I would have a place to share that experience.”

On JustaLottaTanya.com, there are images, video and commentary on her costumes, the events she has worn them to, and much more. With dozens of photos already posted and many more to come, this is a site that will entertain fans of both comic books and sexy seductresses. Comic books sites like GirlsGoneComic.com, BleedingCool.com, CosmicBookNews.com and BamKapow.com have already taken a shine to Tanya Tate and splashed her picture around. And she’s not just found on genre websites: Other places to see the sexy star range from Life.com and GettyImages.com to OCRegister.com, KTLA.com and DailyMail.co.uk. A full list of sites can be found on JustaLottaTanya.com under “Press.”

Tate is set to make several cosplay appearances throughout the year, including a return to the San Diego Comic Con. More info can be found on JustaLottaTanya.com.

Though she won’t be in costume, Tanya Tate will be making an appearance this weekend at the Adultcon convention, held March 25- 27 in downtown Los Angeles. Tate will make her first signing appearance since winning a pair of SHAFTA Awards in London earlier this month. She also will have some of her hottest DVDs available for purchase, including the recent release from Naughty America, simply titled Tanya Tate. Tanya Tate collects five of Tanya’s hottest sex scenes on one disc. The buxom Brit will also have new 8x10s and other memorabilia on hand at the show. More information about Adultcon can be found at Adultcon.com.

For more Tanya Tate, visit TanyaTate.com, BookTanya.com, ItsMyUrls.com/TanyaTate and JustaLottaTanya.com.