TANC TV to Begin Live Broadcasting

NEW YORK - Live adult industry TV station and adult news channel TANC TV has decided to go live with weekly shows starting in less then 1 week.

Joining TANC TV is Gary Garver of Exscape TV and the Howard Stern show, former KSEX personalities Rain and Cuzz, as well as Club Jenna Producer Dic Tracy and many more. There will also be a shocking mainstream star turned adult performer with her own show starting in November.

TANC TV will stream live using the Ustream.tv portal, with the live schedule to be announced. Nevertheless, programming will begin next week.

"I'm about to show every adult industry TV station how to run a simple broadcast using a $30 webcam and a $5 light," TANC TV owner Joe Brandi told AVN Online. "We don't have a studio, we have no tech guy, no program director and no advertisements using Windows Movie Maker. It's as low budget as you can get and the programming will be just as entertaining as anything out there now."

The way Brandi sees it, they have no overhead and no monthly payroll to meet.

"I am giving the hosts a way to get their shows on the net for free, promote whatever they want and giving them 100 percent of any show sponsorship they get or comes in," he said. "The TANC website will make our money from the website sponsors, advertisers and donations if any. It's basic...simple..and fun with no stress."

Hosts can shoot live from their own location or inside an available TANC TV studio if necessary.

"They can live in California or Iceland," Brandi added. "It doesn't matter as long as they have a webcam and a light. Best of all they don't have to get naked and screw for $25 a show."

According to Brandi, the people who join TANC get it.

"They understand that this is for fun and maybe we have a shot at making some money," he said. "But it's a hobby. It's not a job. It's maybe some free promotions. You don't have a boss. You are the boss. You don't want to do a show. Don't do it. You have to film a movie? Go..make money. Again, no one really cares anyway so why waste your time thinking that because you are in a big studio that people care and you are getting promotions out of it because the host is mentioning your website to the same 150 people."

TANC TV will offer fan interaction and will give way for the hosts to really promote anything they want.

"They can take the feed and put it on their MySpace page, on their website, et cetera," Brandi explained. "They can archive all the shows they do and a lot more."

The TANC TV website has undergone a full makeover adding a Pornstar Directory, an adult mall, thousands of free XXX videos, which are added daily and much more.

For more information and to check out the live programming, visit the TANC TV website.