TANC Radio Announces Weekly Lineup

NEW YORK - Adult news station TANC Radio has announced its weekly lineup, which includes old and new shows.


"We are very excited to have part of our network complete," TANC owner Joe Brandi said. "The TANC TV schedule will be announced shortly, as well as the launch of the community website, but our radio lineup is stronger then we imagined, and the new shows will provide the fans of TANC something they can enjoy all day long."


Some of the show names on the roster originated on Heat Party Radio and continued at KSEX when Brandi arrived and have followed him to TANC Radio.


"No show or host was under contract or obligation to any one company, so they were able to follow me to TANC radio," Brandi said. "Their loyalty to me means more then I can say. I have said it before, and I will say it again: They are not employees. They are friends."


Brandi said the station will add new shows while extending its broadcast.


"We are always looking for new shows and talent," he added. "The station will have something for everyone to enjoy, and this is just the beginning."


"If you are interested in a shot at TANC, give us a call," joked Vanessa, station spokeswoman and host of "The V Spot."


Vanessa, recently named the first TANC Girl and spokesmodel for the company, is best known for being on the reality TV show "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila."


Visit TANCTV.com to listen to TANC Radio, for information about advertising and sponsorship, or to check out the new lineup.