TANC Launches Online Community

NEW YORK - Adult news station TANC Radio and TV has launched its military-themed online community.


The community's "army" has more than 25,000 "soldiers" registered, said TANC owner Joe Brandi.


"This came together pretty quickly, but we still have big plans," said TANC owner Joe Brandi. "The community is a great place for TANC fans to go and interact with the hosts, maybe win cash and prizes, [and], more importantly, have fun."


The online community allows members to build their own "armies" by adding friends.


Brandi said the website is clean, easy to navigate and, so far, bug-free.


"We are still working on adding features, but right now, the chat room with live streaming webcams seems to be a favorite among members, along with the fully functional video upload side," said Web Designer Burt.


Brandi said developers are available day and night to provide technical support.


"The biggest issue with most sites in the States is [whether] members overseas that have issues ... will have to wait until morning in the U.S. to get an answer," he said. "We have a good percentage of members outside of the U.S., so it's important to us that we provide constant customer service and support."


The website will not be censored, Brandi said, and ownership and management will not interfere.


"Members can post whatever they want, as long as it's legal, and it will not be censored," he said. "Our programming will [be censored], but the community site will not."


The website will have news from sources such as CNN, ESPN and MTV in the coming weeks. Brandi said he hopes for TANC to be an informational resource.


"Not only can you see what the adult industry is doing, but also mainstream, as well," he said.