TAB Launches

LOS ANGELE—Lori Z, aka The Adult Broker, has launched her latest business venture, The Mobile Broker, designed to help facilitate a myriad of business opportunities on mobile-wireless platforms.

Tagged as “Adult’s One Stop Mobile Shop,” The Mobile Broker offers services to adult businesses such as brokering mobile traffic deals, content delivery, mobile app creation, translation services and marketing.

“Based on the interest and amount of deals I was doing in mobile over the last 6 months, I realized we have finally gotten in the game to the point where I felt a mobile network, like The Adult Broker network, could be of value to our industry. So I created it to help companies move forward, faster." says Lori Z., The Adult Broker/The Mobile Broker. "It feels like the Wild West and I'm excited for all that is possible for the people in this industry."

For more information about The Mobile Broker, visit