T3Report Offers Advanced Insight into the T3Affiliate Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Website spidering provider Cydata Services has revealed its newest product, the T3Affiliate Report.

The product, currently in beta, is geared toward maximizing affiliate managers' existing traffic from affiliates.

"We are adding in some additional features based on customer feedback," Brandon "Fight the Patent" Shalton told AVN Online. "Once we finish with the final touches it will officially launch next week."

The report illustrates specifically which pages the program affiliate link is not located on, with pages that have incoming linking traffic.

"This allows the affiliate manager to specify to affiliates which page their link should appear on in order to capitalize on traffic and therefore increase sales and commissions," Shalton added. 

In order to navigate the report, choose an affiliate domain and click view to see details surrounding the website. The Link Locater shows Web pages on the affiliate site that has a link to the paysite, as well as the affiliate ID. This ID can be used to locate the contact information for the affiliate in the Affiliate Management software. When viewing the Optimized link, users can see which Web pages do not have a link to the paysite, the referring Web Page (the page that sends traffic to the affiliate Web page) and mark the affiliates Web page for linking. After initial contact with the affiliate, the Mark button allows the system to track when the affiliate link is placed on the page. Additionally, the External Links function offers a list of other paysites/websites promoted by the affiliate. Users can then add notes about the affiliate and check the status of your progress. 

"We have gotten amazing feedback so far," Shalton said. "We want to help affiliate managers in an affordable way, and this is the best answer."

The T3Affiliate Report will launch with a monthly cost of $250 per month.