T3Report.com Launches Version 3.0 of Affiliate Finding Service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - T3Report.com, a marketing intelligence service for affiliate marketing, has released Version 3.0 of T3Report.


Using proprietary spidering technology, the program scours the Internet to determine and document relationships between websites. The documentation allows users to manage current affiliate relationships and look for new avenues of traffic.


Version 3.0, with performance enhancements and greater administrative flexibility, streamlines the process of finding new affiliates and managing existing affiliates. User interface improvements give a cleaner look to make the program easier to use. The addition of the new Affiliate Analysis tool allows affiliate managers to work more closely with existing affiliates.
"Affiliate managers are interested in finding new affiliates, and T3Report is a tool that can accomplish that," said Brandon Shalton, creator of T3Report. "With the new Affiliate Analysis tool, affiliate managers can now also look to maximize the traffic from existing affiliates.
"The Affiliate Analysis tool allows a program to generate more revenue with their affiliates by suggesting to the affiliates which pages on their websites to include their link to the pay site [or] program, based upon incoming linking traffic to those pages."

T3Report, now in its third year of operation, has an extensive database of adult websites. T3Report also has a large database with non-adult sites, with the additional ability to translate through advertising network URLs to the merchant website.


Walk-through demonstrations are available on request.


For information, visit T3Report.com and click on the "Request a Quote" link.