Syncbot Debuts SyncBrowser, Enabling Haptic Syncing With Sex Toys

HONG KONGSyncbot (V&T), an AI-powered sex toy company, has released SyncBrowser, which enables users to connect their AI-powered sex toy to online adult videos.

The new software app, the company said, mimics the on-screen movements of performers in videos streamed via the browser. SyncBrowser’s PornGPT model has analyzed over six million videos to perfect the sync and interactivity feature.  Each video contains unique scripts to prompt a sex toy to make certain movements such as stroking, contracting and thrusting.

“We wanted people to enjoy their private fantasies more vividly through our product for free,” said Syncbot’s EU manager, Albert. “Everyone has a right to a sexual life, and SyncBrowser makes access to immersive self-pleasure easier for everyone. We’re proud of what we have done and we hope that people can enjoy their own company even more.” 

Key features of SyncBrowser include:

• A big video database: SyncBrowser includes up to 20 million videos, including all contents of Pornhub. 
• Free VR access including Quest 2 and Quest 3.
• Free credits upon registration. All users will get SyncGems, which are credits to watch videos on SyncBrowser.  
• Convert videos into physical massage by AI: Each video costs 1-10 US cents by AI. It only takes 2,000 SyncGems for Tailored Manual Craft.
• Referral program: Refer friends to get more SyncGems for you and your buddies with your personal referral code. 
• Free to start on the first day. 

SyncBrowser is now available to download free of charge at

Based in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Syncbot has produced and improved its technology for the past nine years, bolstering its AI technology with more than 8 million hours of training, earning Syncbot positive feedback from users across Reddit and 4.6/5 on Trustpilot since 2023.

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