Swingers.com Seeks to Raise $1 Million in Capital

AUSTIN, Texas - Brandon "Fight the Patent", managing partner of the adult social networking site Swingers.com, said he aims to employ a business model that will crack the swingers' community wide open.

"The revamped website went from 800 uniques a day to 2,000-plus uniques a day since I took the site over in November of 2007," he told AVN Online. "The traffic is expanding exponentially, thanks to a growing knowledge of the swinger community and shows like CBS' Swingtown."

Though Swingers.com currently focuses on a traditional definition of "swingers" - wife-swapping, couple-swapping and the like - Brandon said the company plans to expand its scope.

"We are looking to broaden the definition of ‘swingers' to bring in more people," he explained. "Think Maxim (for the sexy edginess), meets AdultFriendFinder [or] Craig's List (for hookups), meets community websites, meets celebrities, meets parties and clubs."

Dating sites don't offer the complete package, nor the "hook" to build a community, Brandon said, adding that Swingers.com plans to offer its members more profiles from users in their cities. 

"Once people find a larger availability of users to communicate with," he said, "I anticipate huge conversions from free accounts to full paid memberships." 

Brandon said the company is offering excellent terms to investors with working knowledge of dating traffic in an effort to raise about $1 million dollars to build and brand Swingers.com as a legitimate online matchmaking community. 

"We have already raised $100,000 from a private investor, which allowed us to build up the site and show proof of concept," he said. "Since we now have paying members and are generating at breakeven, we need the capital to really push the marketing and see our business plan through to fruition." 

According to Brandon, investors who understand traffic - particularly, dating traffic - are the best fits because they can be part of the exclusive affiliate program, earning additional revenue from promoting Swingers.com.  

"Other potential investors could simply be looking for numbers from guaranteed minimum yearly dividends that are better than bank rates," he said. 

Brandon said Swingers.com offers a great opportunity to roll up a lifestyle/dating vertical under the most appropriate domain name.  

"We are thinking past the normal suspects for potential acquisition," he added. "With the way this rebranding plan is shaping up, think MySpace or Maxim as acquirers. That's why the new branding aims to take swingers and swinging to a more mainstream level."

To express interest in Swingers.com's business plan, contact Brandon at [email protected]. The minimum investment is $100,000.