SurfRecon Releases New Rapid-Image-Analysis Tool

OREM, Utah - SurfRecon Inc. has announced the release of SurfRecon 2008, a rapid-image-analysis tool created to allow investigators to quickly find, categorize, report and delete pornographic content - including child pornography - from almost any computer system.

Originally designed for law enforcement agencies, the latest version of the SurfRecon tool will be available to law enforcement, parents, business owners and educators.

"I was excited to finally have a tool I could use to quickly search computers in the homes of my probationers," said Cole Christensen, Adult Probation and Parole Officer, Utah State Department of Corrections, "And guess what? The first time I used it, I found pornographic content; images I wouldn't have found normally."

"We are very excited to finally offer the software to the community," said Matthew Yarro, vice president of marketing for SurfRecon. "We think it is an invaluable tool."

The program can be used on almost any Windows, Linux or Apple computer, Yarro said.

Different from a filter or firewall, SurfRecon actively searches for pornographic content, leveraging a database containing millions of hash values or digital fingerprints.

"With nearly 100 million image hashes in the database and with another 4 million added per week, if a computer contains pornography, SurfRecon will find it," said Andrew Brandt, SurfRecon director of business development.

While performing a scan, the program discovers images and matches the hashes for those images to previously categorized image hashes in the database. The images found are categorized as "safe," "sexual" or "child pornography."

SurfRecon is available in three editions: Home Edition ( for $99.95 for a one-year subscription; Business Edition ( for $499.95; and Elite Edition ( for law enforcement only for $499.95.

SurfRecon products can be purchased from as well as other online and offline retailers.