SuperDVDMart Offers Retailers Same-Day Shipping

VALLEY VILLAGE, Calif. - In order to meet the needs of its expanding customer base, adult-DVD wholesaler SuperDVDMart has begun offering same-day shipping.


Sales Manager Don Bloom said the shipping policy came from the company's "commitment to service and the satisfaction of our customers."


"Every adult-DVD reseller wants their videos to ship as soon as they hang up the phone with us, and we have taken these steps to further ensure top-quality service," he said. "We pride ourselves in the ability to ship our adult-rated DVDs out within 24 hours. We saw the need to stay a step ahead of other distributors and expand our operations in order to meet increased demand for our wholesale products."


Partnering with leading adult manufacturers, SuperDVDMart has dramatically increased the size of its shipping and distribution facilities to accommodate same-day shipping. The company also has added new equipment, increased floor space and hired new employees.