SugarDVD, SugarVOD Add Mainstream Cult Classics

SugarDVD and SugarVOD have begun the process of adding cult classic titles to their library of over 30,000 video-on-demand movies. 

Some of the titles include Reefer Madness, Night of the Living Dead, Forbidden Zone, Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes series, and classic footage of Abbott and Costello and the Three Stooges.

"We now have the contracts to offer over 70,000 movies," Jax, CEO for Sugar said. "We want to be able to offer something for everyone."

In addition to these movies, Sugar has recently signed up dozens more studios comprising several different niches and markets including Alpha-France, Justin Slayer International, Buck Angel Entertainment and Hot Specialty. 

"We're working diligently to cover all our bases as far as content is concerned," Content Manager Justin Brand explained. "We feel these classic titles, which everyone has seen or heard about, will resonate greatly with our customer base."

Additionally, Sugar has made several improvements to their video-on-demand service over the summer. Buffering has been removed from all their streaming titles, allowing movies to be played instantly. Other new features include a refined advanced search that allows customers to filter their queries by rating and the ability to track member reviews.

In the month of October, Sugar will launch full movie streaming options for both and This will allow their customers to purchase and watch movies in their entirety. Also in the pipeline for Sugar is the addition of indexed screen shots. Customers will be able to click on a screen shot and play that part of the movie.

For more information, visit the SugarDVD and SugarVOD websites.